Seri Iskandar Double-storey Corner Lot Showhouse

The divider was set to divide the living area and the dining area.
Many young professionals today have less interest to follow the idea of their previous generations. However, they are not ignoring their roots, they are just expressed via the other ways.

The open-plan space.

Suitable furnitures and design helps to create a quiet and relaxing environment for the dining area.

Dry Kitchen layout with spray painted orangish glass top and special pattern Roller blinds.
This is the wet kitchen where everything were prepared.
This is the kid's room. Pink color were chosen to create a happy and excitement feelings. All the parents wish their children are happy always, right ?
This creative cabinet were used to store clothes and toys for kids.

Other Bedroom :

Another room setting :
This is the MASTER BEDROOM with red colour for bedhead background.

A unique sliding door wardrobe with special hidden area at left, scroll down to see it :

Now u see it? A hidden dressing area...

This is the computer desk set in the master bedroom.


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