Preacher's Room - 3 sets of identical cabinets 0n a laminated flooring :
A wardrobe, attached working/study table & a single bed set.

Preacher's room attached washroom :

Slippers rack with cushion seater & Shoes rack outside each dormitory :

Inside the dormitory - double platform to maximise space :

Feel the wood frame underneath upper platform.
One locker and a clothes hanging bar for each person :

Ground floor kitchen pantry ;
Identical pantry for each 1st & 2nd floor :

Work-in-progress for 10 dormitories which was the most time & work consuming part; each wood frame needed to be sanded until smooth, shellac, sanding again, shellac again,... repeated till itz really smooth...
Try running your hands to feel underneath the upper platform frame, u'll be sure each of it was sanded & shellac too; which others normally leave unfinished / unsanded :


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